Media Solutions

The Media Sciences department excels in devising and overseeing paid marketing tactics aimed at elevating your brand recognition, expanding market influence, and driving growth in business revenue.

Proud to be collaborating with media industry leaders to power growth for brands!

Media Buying

We scout and identify high-impact advertising placements and spaces in the digital space, covering a vast expanse of websites, social media, mobile apps and also OTT services.

Media Planning

Once we have identified high-impact targeting opportunities, our team builds data-driven media campaign strategies according to your budget, audience, time frame, and a host of other key metrics.

Performance Marketing

We have experience scaling both modest and large media budgets (50CR+) to execute paid campaigns on Meta, Google Search and Display Network, media streaming platforms and more.

Leveraging Partnerships

By leveraging partnerships with Google, Adobe and other technology experts, we are constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to enhance customer interactions and unlock more value for your business.