Grow Your Instagram Organically

Grow Your Instagram Organically

If you are really looking to serve quality content to increase your engagement, analytical tools are important. Instagram has truly grown into a powerful social media force, one not to be overlooked. With its new Instagram algorithm one can now see the rearrangement of order of posts that helps you show the best posts first.
It’s very important to make sure that you’re ranked highly within a social media platform’s algorithm. Your business is inevitably affected by the algorithm that prioritizes content in a user’s feed.
The reason why you need analytics tools is to see which portion of your Instagram audience is interacting with what content. Also it helps you find which content is performing best and which audience segment you need to concentrate on the most.
Instagram analytics tools serve more information to marketers on user insights, follower demographics and post analysis. With these tools you can create stronger and relevant content that your audience will be more receptive to.
Here are 3 Instagram analytical tools that offer insights for free. Improve your Instagram marketing by utilizing these tools.
1. Simply Measured
As being “end-to-end analysis of all your social media networks”, Simply Measured offers a free Instagram report. The report provides an analysis of past two months including a wide range of engagement metrics, including engaging tags, most popular location, top filters, best day and time to post and highest engagement on sites outside Instagram.

2. SquareLovin
SquareLovin provides a lot of similar features including information on your followers and how to enhance your performance with filters and hashtags. It also makes monthly analysis, displays metrics on recent posts and shows a history of your posts broken down into year, month, day and hour. You can see analytics information for your account overall, as well as for specific posts.


3. Locowise
Boasting “razor-accurate analytics”, Locowise is an analytical tool that works on results rather than assumptions. It compares your profile to 2,500 other Instagram profiles and offers benchmarks against a variety of metrics. The Instagram Analyser lets you discover how you’re doing in terms of follower growth and engagement. You can get accurate comparison when you choose to compare your account to other accounts of various follower sizes. Locowise has a visually pleasing interface that provides basic metrics you need to know.


If you are planning to achieve long-term success on Instagram, these analytical tools should be considered. These not only help you reflect on your past content but also for future campaigns. Average internet user has 5.54 social media accounts. It’s time for the brands to be active on multiple platforms and use two or more social media channels. Therefore you will need a tool for every social site you use. What are your thoughts about these Instagram analytical tools? Have you started using it?